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A VJ or Video Jockey is just like a DJ, except instead of playing music, they play music videos. A Video Jockey works right next to the Disc Jockey, keeping close communication for every song that is played. Once the next song is decided, the DJ tells the VJ what is going to be played and he then has a decision to make. Not only can he play the matching music video, but what if that song is from a hit movie that everyone recognizes? Or, what if the song is from the Disco era and we play a spot from Studio 54 or Saturday Night Fever? The choices are endless and remember Personalization on a DJM Star Time Party is Key!

A Lighting, Video, and Audio Technician is extremely valuable and included on each affair. These are the people behind the scenes. Our trained technicians make sure that all the electronics, lighting, and sound are running perfectly, along with simulcasting your dance floor on the large screens.

- Head video jockey (VJ)
- Tremendous Experience in Audio/Video
- Audio/Video directing for MTV's 2004 Video Music Awards
- Been with DJM since 2002

- Been with DJM since 1999
- Attends Florida State University
- Majors in Accounting and Real Estate
- Technician/Assistant

- Been with DJM since 1999
- Firefighter
- Head video Simulcaster
- Lighting Techinician

- Head Lighting Designer
- Production Technician
- Network Administrator

- Warehouse Manager
- Production Technician
- Lighting Technician

- Production Technician
- High School & College Football Player