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This is Emilie Schaffer, and you guys did my party last night, On October 20th. Everyone was AMAZING, thank you SOOO much. I had the time of my life and would like to thank you all, especially Serge, Opie, Jenn, Leo, and Adam. Thank you so much! You guys are the best!


Dear Serge,

Words cannot express the feeling we had at Meredith's Bat-Mitzvah last weekend. To say that you played a large role in our joy would be an understatement. In a word, you were awesome.
The energy you created in that room was magical. Family members and friends were dancing all night long. Each song was better than the song before. We loved your having everyone involved on the stages and with the microphone. The dancers did a great job, too.
I know you are modest but you should be very proud of the way you made everyone feel. The memories will last forever and you will always be a part of them. The night would not have been the same without you!

Warmest regards,
Susan & Michael Meister

Dear Serge,

Just a quick note to Thank you for the wonderful job you did. Alyssa's Bat-Mitzvah was terrific! We know that it was you that made it happen and we really appreciated all your efforts!

Thanks again,
Janine, Alan, & Allyssa

Dear Serge,

On behalf of me, my mom and dad and Russell, we would like to thank you so much for the terrific job you did at my Bar-Mitzvah. The warmth that you had shown towards me and my family was extremely touching. Your talents had come thru in demonstrating such tremendous energy that last the entire evening. It certainly will be a night I will never forget.

All the best…
Fondly, Justin Arnold

Dear DJM,

Words cannot express how thrilled we were with the incredible job that Serge, the DJ and the dancers did at Lindsey's bat mitzvah. It was beyond my wildest imagination. Serge was incredible to work with. He tailored the party exactly to our specifications. He gave us everything we asked for and more. Serge kept the energy at an incredible level - there was never a lull. The selection of songs was fabulous! Serge was beyond terrific, the DJ was amazing, and the dancers Tara, Gerard, and Tommy were, I know, the best group ever.
DJM - Thank you for being so terrific to work with. You were so honest and you delivered more than I thought possible. The whole experience was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Thank you for helping make Lindsey's bat mitzvah celebration so wonderful and such an incredible memory.

Kathey and Randy Maultash

Dear DJM,

On behalf of the Highland Oaks Middle School community, we want to thank you for your support of our third annual Field Day and Spirit Week festivals. The stress felt by everyone the previous week was followed by a sunshine-filled day of laughs and smiles.

Best Regards,
Roni Fertig
Chairperson - Spirit Week
Highland Oaks Middle School PTA

Dear DJM,

Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us. We work hard to raise money to help children in need; our gift to them is a smile and a chance to live a better life.

Marjorie, Sponsor
Miami Country Day School
Operation Smile.


You were Da Bomb! You guys were beyond Fabulous, Awesome, Wonderful, The Best! We can't thank you enough!
Much Love,
The Metzgers

Dear Dale and staff at DJM Star Time Entertainment,

Just wanted to thank you on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida for allowing the us to use your wireless microphone for the Broward wish makers speed dating event. We had an amazing turn out. Thanks to you the event was a huge success!

Public Relations Intern

Dear Dale,

What a party! Words cannot express the appreciation Fern, Jordan, & I have for the performance by you, James, Jenn, and the rest of your troop. In fact, you guys had such a great time, I should have charged you for sharing in the excitement (only kidding.)
It was about five years ago that Jordan came to us and said that he wanted Dale at his Bar Mitzvah. He knew that there was a bond between the two of you and man it showed. The way you and Jordan worked together was as much fun as the party itself.
As you guys know, I grew up in the catering business and was part of thousands of affairs, however, none better than Jordan's Bar Mitzvah. Besides the fact that nobody sat the entire evening (except for eating), the guests that thought the music was going to be too loud, complimented on the fact that they were able to chat and hear each other. That is perhaps the greatest compliment especially in light of the fact that everybody had a great time. We cannot wait to see you at the next simcha to thank you again.

Paul F. Schneider

Dear Dale,

You are one special man. I am thinking as I am writing, its not even your energy that is special, it's your spirit. I'm sure its gets monotonous sometimes, your work, but I saw how you gave it (in my opinion) your all. You made my party as special as it was, you were a great part of it being as special as it was. Money can buy good food, and décor, but what you gave was spiritual & beautiful & I will never forget you. Thank you Dale.

Susie Edelsburg

Dear Dale,

Perfect! Unbelievable! The Best! Were only some of the accolades we received describing Erica's Bat Mitzvah. Kids that don't generally dance said they "had danced more at Erica's Bat Mitzvah than at any other party". Guests were amazed how you were able to combine an adult and kids party into one. Erica truly had an amazing time. Zach and Sam were kept right in the middle of all the festivities, enjoying every minute. Many thanks to you, as our illustrious "MC," and to your team of incredibly energetic and personable dancers for contributing to the success of our party. We look forward to doing it all again in April 06 when Zachary becomes a Bar Mitzvah.

Jim Etkin
ME Productions

Ladies and Gentlemen:

John, Michael, and I wanted to thank you again for the incredible job you guys did at Michael's Bar Mitzvah party. Dale and his crew were amazing. From the clothes, to the dancers, and the music, Dale was totally on. It really made the party.
We couldn't have imagined a better night. Knowing that you were there gave us the opportunity to truly enjoy our party.
Thank you so much for giving us 110%

Very truly yours,
John and Karen Shiekman

Dear DJM, Dale, and the rest of the gang,

We want you to know how thrilled we are about Jessica's Bat Mitzvah reception. As expected, your dancers were outstanding and Dale was as wonderful as ever. We continue to receive calls from our guests raving about what a great time they had, and Jessica had the time of her life. It was truly a pleasure working with all of you on this and I look forward to doing it all over again for Allison's.

Mona & Kenny Cohen

Dear Dale & Crew,

Just wanted to thank you again for making Jessica's Bat Mitzvah such a success! It was awesome! I know I had a dancing crowd, but they usually stop for a drink! But, No one stopped that night! You should see the pictures - All the crowd shots are like 1 big mess! Thanks for bringing Serge along - He was neat! The extra video screens were an added bonus - Thanks so much! Everybody loved them! And you!
Thanks again for an incredible evening that we will always remember! Conserve your energy because I'm going to need you in 4 more years for Brittany's Bat Mitzvah.

Thanks again! Love Gigi Greene


The affair was great, and Dale and his entire crew was super! And yes the girls were very attractive.
Thank you,
Jeff and Mindy

To: Dale, Sari, James, & Opie,

Thanks from Roni and all of us at Highland Oaks Middle School.

Dear Dale, and the rest of the Crew at DJM,

You all did an outstanding job, start to finish. Feel free to use us as a reference! Thanks for making Justin's Bar Mitzvah such a special occasion!

DJM Karpf

Dear DJM,

Thank you very much for such an awesome birthday party. The DJs were excellent and my guests had an awesome time.

Thanks again,