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A Master of Ceremonies can be described as the Orchestrator of your affair. The obvious role of an MC is to be the one on the microphone talking and energizing the crowd, but that is only a small portion of what really goes on behind the scenes. Your MC will coordinate your event with the Party Planner & Caterer to make sure food and events are executed precisely. The MC makes sure each and every guest is involved in your party and having a ball. The MC is also out there, on the floor, dancing and partying with your guests and at the same time, working with the DJ through cues and �MC/DJ sign language�. The most important role of all, every DJM Master of Ceremonies makes sure that everyone is having the time of their lives and the Guest of Honor is the Star of the Show.

MC Serge
Doug is an experienced MC & Entertainer, who brings fun and interaction together. His outgoing charisma energizes guests of all ages.

MC James
MC James A is High Energy, Class, & Excitement! James brings a cool and funky persona that creates a dance environment where the adults and kids can party together.